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UV Glow Street Parade Make-Up


It’s finally summer and it’s burning hot outside. But this also means that it is finally festival season! For those crazy party nights and techno raves, I’ve created not only one but TWO looks for you! Today’s look is VERY color and does not only work in daylight but looks even more amazing in UV light during the night!

You will find the full list of products I used underneath the video!

Did you miss the first make-up „barbie from outer space“ look - check it out here!

Have a great and happy summer!

Lots of love,


Thank you to Valeria Meier Eyelashes for the stunning fake lashes to complete this look!

Thank you to L.O.S.S. - Ivan Monteiro and Lydia Perrot for the music "Amnesia"!




STARGAZER Neon Gel Colour „Neon Pink“

STARGAZER One Wash Colour Spray „Pink“


PRITT glue stick

BEN NYE Neutral Set Powder Colorless Powder


FACE ATELIER Pro Ultra Foundation „Nr. 1“

DERMABLEND Camouflage Creme

BEN NYE Neutral Set Powder Colorless Powder


KRYOLAN UV Dayglow Grease Paint in „yellow“, „orange“ and „pink“

KRYOLAN UV Dayglow Compact Color 8-Palette (I used the yellow, light orange and pink powder eye shadow from the palette)

NARS Eye Paint „Black Valley“

L’ORÉAL PARIS Color Riche Le Khôl „101 Midnight Black“

YABY Powder Eyeshadow „ES154 abyss“ (matte black)

MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua XL Ink Liner (black)

DIAMOND FX Palette in „Neon“

NYX Glitter On The Go „GOG 04 Hot Yellow“ (applied to the lid with EYE KANDY Liquid Sugar Base)

LA SPLASH COSMETICS Glitter „Neon Craze“ applied underneath the eyes with hair gel


I used the pink shade from the KRYOLAN UV Dayglow Compact Color 8-Palette.

MAKE UP FOR EVER Eye Shadow „M-928 Eggplant“ (matte dark purple)


L’ORÉAL PARIS Color Riche Le Khôl „101 Midnight Black“

ILLAMASQUA Powder Eye Shadow „Cascade“


L’ORÉAL False Lash Butterfly Sculpt Mascara

VALERIA MEIER EYELASHES „Nr. 1402“ (2 pairs layered)

DUO Lash Adhesive


DIAMOND FX Aqua Color Bodypaint UV Palette (I used it to splatter some yellow and pink splashes of color on the forehead.)

UV-active sequins. (I stuck them on my forehead and around my eyes by using DUO Lash Adhesive)


PAINT GLOW UV Nail Polish „Pink“

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